Dane Chapin


Dane Chapin

Dane Chapin started his career in real estate development right out of college as a principal in Plutsky/Chapin Partners in Los Angeles. During this time, Chapin oversaw and was responsible for all aspects of the development process from acquisitions, capital and debt raising, to entitlement, architect interface, construction management and property management.

Over the years, he has owned and operated multiple businesses in several industries ranging from insurance to board games. In 1994, he founded USAOPOLY, a successful toy and game company that creates unique versions of Monopoly and other Hasbro brands. Refocusing on real estate, he later founded Barons of Buffalo, a private equity investment vehicle dedicated to acquiring undervalued multifamily and commercial real estate in New York. In 2007, he launched Health Savings Associates, a firm that brokers health insurance to small and medium size businesses.

Dane Chapin has a long history of successful entrepreneurship, which has culminated in his current position as co-CEO at Zephyr Partners. In his role at Zephyr, he oversees the investment and finance side of the business, working closely with investors. However, both Chapin and partner Brad Termini are closely involved in all aspects of the company, in particular, construction – interfacing regularly with architects, contractors and subcontractors to make sure every detail is in place.

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